Company Profile

Welcome to Veno Safety Footwear.  Started from a small scale business that was operated from home in the early 1960s, the family  concern produced predominantly various kinds of ladies' footwear. High heels, flats, moccasins and sandals using the brand name "Veno" were produced to meet the domestic demand.

During the 1970s, the company had been engaged in producing OEM men's shoes for an international company. However, the company also faced stiff competition in terms of price and vogue due to the proliferation of small shoe manufacturers supplying various types of footwear.

During the 1980s, the management team, nevertheless, managed to revitalise it''s "Veno" brand completely by producing the first "Veno" range of industrial safety shoes. With the acquisition of a 3.75 acre industrial land in 1988, the family concern had developed into a full-blown factory with well-equipped array of machines and sophisticated testing equipment to facilitate the competency and efficiency of the manufacturing process for the shoe industry.

We have also exported our safety shoe to Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam.

"Veno" industrial safety shoes and work boots are stringently tested and comply with and measure up to the standard requirements of MS1599:1998, which is equivalent to EN345 Type 1 European Standard. As the Company attaches great importance to quality of safety footwear and services, we always commit ourselves to producing good quality safety footwear and boots and the related safety shoe products to meet the customers' safety footwear requirements.